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Lawsuits surrounding Victoza

A drug used to treat diabetes type 2 is Victoza. In multi-district litigation involving four of these drugs or the companies making them, Victoza's claims have been merged. While drugs help patients with type 2 diabetes to reduce blood sugar levels, they can lead to severe health problems, causing cancer and pancreatitis in patients at risk. 

Manufactured by Novo Nordisk, Victoza is one of four possible medications of its kind. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) first approved the drug in 2010, but since then, a number of reports have shown that Victoza has a significant risk. It may not be too late for you to submit your own lawsuit for compensation if you have been harmed by this drug.

Recent criticism has, however, been expressed by Victoza about its dangerous side effects, of which Novo Nordisk has not been able to warn users. Consequently, several Victoza lawsuits on behalf of individuals injured by Victoza have been filed against the manufacturer.

Victoza And Pancreatic Cancer:

Lawyers examine future litigation against Victoza to people in the United States who take and are infected with common type 2 diabetes-drug: thyroid, pancreatic, and cancer-deadly diseases. As a result of the drug maker's inability to provide sufficient alerts, financial compensation can be obtained via a Victoza Cancer case. 

Over the past few years, incretin mimetics like Victoza have come under fire despite evidence to show that they may cause severe pancreatic conditions. In order to inform patients and doctors, the FDA is informed of these dangers. The threat of pancreatitis, hazardous pancreatic inflammation, and pancreatic cancer is now known to grow for the advantage of Victoza. 

It's moving on quickly, and it's getting worse. Acute pancreatitis such as this can be fatal without quick treatment. Individual reports of patients who have developed these health issues, but also study results have proved their value. FDA analyzed the findings of Victoza's by Novo Nordisk clinical trials and noted that pancreatitis was more common than other category 2 types of diabetes drugs to be used to patients taking it. Similar results were also found in another analysis, and even one person who died from pancreatitis formed after consuming incretin mimetic. 

Recent studies have shown that incretin mimetic and pancreas tumors, a lethal and violent type of cancer, are also linked. In the people who take one or more of these drugs to control type 2 diabetes, one study found pre-cancerous cells. Pancreas cancer trials are underway and are not yet confirmed by the FDA, but troubling.

You may make a valid Victoza case to seek compensation for damages incurred by this unsafe treatment if you or a family person has acquired pancreatic cancer or acute pancreatitis by taking the drug. A case over Victoza's pancreatic cancer or any other pancreas condition can only guarantee payment for medical bills, time lost at work, stress, suffering, and loss. 

Our experts embrace Victoza cases from around the US and give Victoza case analysis no-cost, no-obligation to people across the nation who agree with this definition.

Victoza Pancreatitis Is Not A Class Action Lawsuit:

Many people who have been harmed by Victoza pancreas problems ask if filing a lawsuit against Victoza will result in meaningful compensation for their family. Victoza pancreatic cancer trials are not joint litigation where those bringing a claim should receive a low, token payout only. 

In addition, cases involving Victoza may be entitled to substantial payment to people and family members suffering from pancreatic cancer or severe pancreas as a result of the use of Victoza. 

While Victoza pancreatic cancer lawsuits are established in the form of Multi-District Litigation (MDL), every claim will be dealt with in accordance with its own merit and the level of suffering of each plaintiff is the basis for compensation.

Side Effects of Victoza:

The Victoza (liraglutide) medication, known as a Glucagon-like Peptie-1 (GLP-1) is an injectable type 2 diabetes medicine once daily. It is used for increasing blood sugar and for managing type 2 diabetes. The product group was approved in 2010 by the FDA, and involves Byetta, Januve and Janumet and is also regarded as contradictory mimetics. 

When Novo Nordisk launched, the risk of serious and life-threatening Victoza side effects had been seriously considered. Although it remains clear that Victoza is associated with cancer, the company has continued to advertise the drug vigorously as safe and effective.

FDA appeals have been given for Victoza to be recalled and concerns about whether the drug is more successful than all other diabetes drugs available have rapidly increased sales of Victoza. In 2011, the first full year, Victoza prescriptions generated more than 1 billion dollars in sales, and, in 2012, it generated an estimated 1.6 billion dollars in sales.

In the United States, several studies connected Victoza with pancreatitis & pancreatic cancer. The FDA noticed that in people with Victoza, pancreatitis was more likely to happen than in patients who used any other type 2 diabetes treatment. 

The FDA then issued a black box warning that told customers about the increased risk of pancreatitis from Victoza. Other studies and research have shown that this type-2 diabetic therapy can be associated with pancreatic cancer. Recent clinical studies have identified 13 patients with cancer of the pancreas, and only five patients with placebo have reported it.

A number of reports connected Victoza to thyroid cancer in the United States. A black box notice has been issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the toughest warnings a drug could bring. The risk of tumor–often cancerous–forming in the thyroid glands of rats and mice was increased by scientists.

Are you considering a Victoza Lawsuit?

If you've experienced cancerous side effects after taking Victoza, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact Betz and Baril or call 888-333-1599 for help with explaining your legal options when considering a Victoza lawsuit. It would be wise to do this as quickly as possible because many countries have product liability claim limitations (term limits).

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