Studies Show that just 1 month of Vaping can adversely affect an individual’s lungs

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a recent vaping study

Vaping has gained massive popularity lately as the alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. The idea behind e-cigarettes is that a smoker can still get the nicotine they desire, without damaging their lungs from toxic smoke. Regular cigarette smoke contains 4000 different chemicals, and there are thousands of studies that show the negative side effects from smoking.

It has become an important agenda to study the effects of vaping on an individual's lungs. Long terms side effects from smoking e-cigarettes haven't been studied much at this point, due to vaping being so new. It has only been recent years that it has become mainstream. However, now we know that vaping , even on a short term basis, can alter the lungs.

A Recent Vaping Study

In a recent study in Cancer Prevention Research, the results were stunning. In only four short weeks, a person who starts vaping will develop inflammation in their lungs. This inflammation is directly from vaping alone, and doesn't include the effects from additives, such as nicotine, THC or e-liquid flavors and chemicals.

The results do show that these additions, along with increased daily use will increase inflammation in the lungs. Since July of this year, over 1,300 cases of a vaping related illness have shown up among e-cigarette users. According to the CDC e-cigarette, or vaping causes use-associated lung injury.

In the study, 30 people who've never vaped before vaped consistently twice per day. The vapor only contains 50 percent propylene glycol or 50 percent vegetable glycerin, which are normal ingredients in e-cig vapor.

Vaping those mixtures caused the lungs to become inflamed. The conclusion was made that the levels of chemicals found in the test subjects' blood or urine was directly linked to the amount of inflammation in their lungs. The more chemicals present, the higher the inflammation amount.

Keep in mind that this experiment is without the additives of Nicotene or THC or any other common chemicals found in e-liquids. As more information becomes available, more health related cases will pop up from the harmful side effects from vaping.

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