Hernia Mesh Lawsuits

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About Hernia Mesh Lawsuits

Hernia mesh lawsuits began when hernia mesh devices started failing, causing numerous medical problems with patients. Hernia mesh complications range from severe pain to bowel obstructions, hernia recurrence, and organ perforation. The manufacturers are being sued over these complications. Even though they claim their products are safe, they are still settling those cases. Roughly $1.2 billion has been paid out to hernia mesh failure victims.

Why do people file hernia mesh lawsuits?

Hernia mesh implants are fairly common methods for repairing hernia injuries in the United States. There are an average of 1 million hernia repairs each year. A surgical mesh device is used to repair the hernia. In principle, the mesh is used to reinforce the structure of the tissue wall, and the surrounding tissue is supposed to form around it. Over time, the tissue is supposed to regain its structural integrity.

The issue with hernia mesh devices is that mesh implants are made from a variety of different materials. Most hernia mesh devices are made from synthetic material. Some of those materials end up failing, breaking down, or causing a reaction. The only way to fix these issues is to have hernia mesh revision surgery or to have the mesh removed altogether. The lawsuits are filed because patients claim they would have chosen other options if they would have known or were informed of the different side effects that could occur. The fact that some mesh devices completely fail is another factor, with most hernia mesh failures require an additional surgical procedure to correct the problem.

Hernia Mesh Complications

Different hernia mesh devices are created with different materials. Some of them are coated with different substances, which are supposed to assist in the structural integrity of the repair, and how the tissue around the mesh device adheres to the device itself. For example, C-QUR mesh is coated in a type of fish oil substance. It has an effect on the rate of adhesion, which is scar tissue that can cause tissue and organs to become attached. The goal is to reduce adhesions, but it turns out that the fish oil coating may actually increase the rate of adhesion for the long term.

The very materials that hernia mesh devices are made of can break down over time. Most surgical mesh devices are made of polypropylene, which can break down or fail over time. The mesh can actually shrink, causing irritation to the surrounding tissue. The hernia mesh patient's body may also have an immune response to this, requiring the need for revision surgery, or complete removal of the device.

Common Hernia Mesh Injuries

  • Pain
  • Infection
  • Migration – the mesh device moves from its original intended position.
  • Bowel obstruction
  • Adhesion, scar tissue that sticks together with surrounding tissue & organs
  • Perforation of organs

In 2016, a study found that out of 3242 hernia repairs, 1050 needed an additional operation within five years. The additional surgery was to repair the hernia a second time. They also needed to repair a hernia mesh related health complications. Some hernia mesh complications came within days of the hernia mesh repair surgery, but some took years to become apparent.

Hernia Mesh Claims Against Manufacturers

The premise behind hernia mesh lawsuits is that the manufacturers of these products knew of the possible dangers of their products. Despite their knowledge, they failed to warn doctors and consumers of the possible side effects and complications. Hernia mesh manufacturers like Atrium and Ethicon did not properly research and test their products or follow safety protocols. They were able to slide by the FDA with premarket clearance because their product was allegedly as safe as similar devices already released to consumers. Products like C-QUR and Physiomesh slipped through the cracks of the system and found their way to consumers, even though they were unsafe, and not up to medical standards necessary for hernia repair surgery. Hernia mesh victims are seeking compensation for their pain and suffering, as well as added costs of lost wages, additional surgeries, and more.

Hernia Mesh Lawsuits: Should you file a claim?

If you suffered complications or required revision surgery related to a hernia mesh implant, the team from The Law Offices of Betz and Baril can take legal action on your behalf. We pursue compensation for you, building a strong case on your behalf.

Our team conducts a full investigation to learn the facts of your case. As a part of this investigation, we identify and collect:

  • Medical bills
  • Receipts
  • Tax forms and wage statements
  • Any proof of your pain and suffering
  • Other documentation of your losses and expenses

Talk to a Hernia Mesh Lawsuits Attorney

If you or a loved one suffered complications or required revision surgery after a hernia repair using a mesh implant, the team from the Law Offices of Betz and Baril is here to help. We offer free case reviews and can help you understand your legal options.


We handle all hernia mesh cases on a contingency fee basis, so you won't owe us anything unless we recover compensation for you.

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