Are you having Hernia Mesh Problems? What to do next

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Hernia mesh problems are common

If you've read previous articles and news from us, then you know that hernia mesh problems are common among patients. Many hernia mesh manufacturers have made defective hernia mesh devices that cause health issues. The problems with hernia mesh can present themselves immediately, or they can show up years later. Are you having hernia mesh problems? Here's what to do next.

See a doctor about your hernia mesh side effects

Depending on what hernia mesh side effects present themselves, they may be very serious. If you are unable to use the restroom, you may have a bowel blockage from your hernia mesh device. If your bowel has become perforated, toxic waste inside your bowels may leak out inside of your body. This can lead to severe illness and infection. You may become very sick from this, even developing sepsis, which can be life-threatening.

Find out which hernia mesh manufacturer made your device

This is an important step. It is something you may need to ask your doctor. The reason this step is important is that certain manufacturers have lawsuits filed against them already. If your mesh device manufacturer is known for faulty hernia mesh products, then you may be able to make an easier case.

Common hernia mesh manufacturers who have had reports of defective products are C.R. Bard and Ethicon. Ethicon is owned by Johnson and Johnson.

Why do hernia mesh products cause problems?

Surgical mesh products are medical devices that are used to reinforce or support weakened tissue. These surgical mesh devices are made from synthetic materials. Also, they can be made from animal tissue.

Surgical mesh is typically manufactured in sheet form. The materials can be absorbable or non-absorbable. The absorbable hernia mesh products are typically made from animals. The animals chosen are typically pigs or bovines, also referred to as cows. They are usually made of animal intestines or skins. In addition, they are sterilized for use in humans.

The use of absorbable or non-absorbable hernia mesh devices is dependent on the situation. Absorbable hernia mesh products are meant to break down and disintegrate into the body. The body, over time, is supposed to repair itself. Non-absorbable hernia mesh products are meant to be present indefinitely and provide support to the area on an ongoing basis.

Have the hernia mesh problems corrected to improve your health

Often, hernia mesh failures require additional surgical procedures to repair. If your hernia has come back, also called hernia recurrence, surgery is required to fix the issue. If mesh migration has occurred, you may need surgery, even complete removal of the hernia mesh device. Mesh migration is where your hernia mesh product has moved from its original position. This causes several issues, from bowel blockages to bowel perforation, inflammation, and irritation.

Speak to an experienced hernia mesh lawyer who can help you

You will want to work with an experienced attorney that can help you build a good case. You will want to compile your medical records. These records will include the initial hernia repair surgery. Also, it will include any revision surgeries, as well as any doctor visits, and hospital visits.

Other things you will want to compile are proof that you were out of work for recovery and any other expenses you may have occurred. These items are the things that can help you to make a stronger case. Call our office at (888) 333-1599 or fill out our easy contact form and one of our helpful staff will reach out to you to start the process.

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